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Gender-based violence

Murder of trans activist Diana Sacayán

Following the murder of the well-known trans activist Diana Sacayán, an Argentine Court considered “gender hatred” and “gender violence” as aggravating factors for the first time when it found one of the perpetrators guilty of murder and sentenced him to life in prison.

  • Country: Argentina
  • Edition: 2018
  • Visits: 7886
  • Court: Criminal and Correctional Court No. 4 of the Federal Capital
  • Date of the Decision: 18/06/2018
  • Votes: 3115

In 2015, the well-known Argentinean activist and trans woman Diana Sacayán was murdered by two men in her apartment in Buenos Aires. Sacayán’s body was found with her hands and feet bound, mouth gagged and wounds all over her body. It was clear that she was attacked extremely violently.

In reviewing the circumstances of the murder, the Court recognized that Sacayán’s murder had been motivated by the fact that she was a transgender woman and a trans rights activist. For this reason, the Court sentenced one of the perpetrators to life in prison for homicide considering hatred of gender identity and gender violence as aggravating factors. The other perpetrator was not identified. 

This is the first time a court in Argentina recognized gender hatred as an aggravating circumstance of the crime, calling the crime "transvesticide". The ruling sends an important message that Courts will not allow crimes based on hatred toward transgender people to happen with impunity. This ruling marks a milestone in the region for the advancement of the human rights of trans people and visibilizes the atrocious crimes committed against trans people that frequently go unpunished.

The judicial decision is available in Spanish.

Judges who issued the decision

Adolfo Calvete (Presidente / President)

Ivana Bloch

Julio César Báez


  • Luciana

    No sé por qué lo titularon como "asesinato de Diana Sacayan" siendo que lo que se quiere reconocer es justamente que no fue un simple homicidio, sino una travesticidio. Resulta hasta un poco irónico.


Murder of trans activist Diana Sacayán
Murder of trans activist Diana Sacayán

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