The Gender Justice Uncovered Awards were created by the international organization Women's Link Worldwide because in all countries, regardless of their political system or religious beliefs and traditions, what judges and courts say have a tremendous influence on the sense of justice and in the day to day lives of people.

The Awards highlight decisions or statements made in the context of a legal process by judges, members of human rights committees, asylum offices, prosecutors, or ombudspersons which have a positive or negative impact on gender equality, including those related to sexual and reproductive rights, gender violence, and gender discrimination.

The three most sexist decisions receive bronze, silver, and gold Bludgeons; and the three decisions that best promote gender equality receive bronze, silver and gold Gavels. A special award is also given to the decisions that gain most of the votes from the public via our website.

Some of the nominated cases will be added to Women's Link's Gender Justice Observatory, which contains judicial decisions from around the world on issues related to gender and that can be accessed for free through our website.

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