Media coverage

  • They left sub-Saharan Africa for the promise of Europe. Now they face an uncertain future
    • Country: Spain
    • Date: 13/08/2018

    Mercy lay motionless on the bed, afraid to move as the stranger pulled up his trousers and refastened his belt. Even after he left, she remained frozen. An hour passed. Then another. When the other girls in the brothel grew concerned and tried to coax her out of the room, Mercy screamed at them through her tears.

  • Ángela González: The State must pay 600,000 euros to the mother of a daughter murdered by her father
    • Country: Spain
    • Date: 20/07/2018

    Ángela González, the woman whose ex-partner murdered her daughter 15 years ago will be compensated with 600,000 euros for moral damages, as dictated by this Friday Litigation Room- Administrative Supreme Court. The man killed the common daughter, Andrea, seven years old, during one of the unguarded visits that established a Madrid court after their separation, after the woman had reported him 47 times for mistreatment and others Causes.

  • ‘Lost in Translation’: Assessment of the (Non)-Implementation of the Trafficking Directive from a Gender Perspective in Spain
    • Date: 19/01/2018

    This article provides a critical analysis of the transposition and the implementation in Spain of different elements of the EU Anti-Trafficking Directive, focusing on the protection and promotion of victims’ rights. The authors explain how gender stereotyping creates obstacles in the identification of victims, as well as in the realization of other state obligations under the Directive such as the special protection required for child victims of trafficking. 

  • It’s Not Just a Humanitarian Crisis. It’s a Mass Violation of Human Rights.
    • Date: 02/03/2016
    • Huffington Post

    Last month, Europol announced that 10,000 children entering into Europe have “disappeared”. News sources are now talking about these children as “missing”. When stories are told far away from the place where they occurred, sometimes the story itself warps reality. Or maybe, when we hear a story told over and over in the same way, it becomes the reality we believe. Perhaps the problem is the story that is not being told.

  • Roe at 40 Podcast Series: Interview with Viviana Waisman
    • Country: United States
    • Date: 26/06/2013
    • Center for American Progress

    In the third installment of our podcast series examining the state of the reproductive health, rights, and justice movement in the United States on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we talk to Viviana Waisman, executive director of Women’s Link Worldwide. In recognition of International Women’s Day and the struggle for gender and reproductive justice throughout the world, she explains some of the successful strategies she has employed to enforce human-rights standards before a number of foreign and international courts and shares lessons that advocates around the world can adopt. 

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