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Supreme Court of Spain agrees with Ángela González and condemns the Spanish State to compensate her for the murder of her daughter

The Supreme Court recognizes Spain’s responsibility for the death of Ángela González’s daughter, who was murdered by her father during unsupervised visitation ordered by a court, and obliges the Administration to compensate her with 600,000 euros for moral damages

After 15 years of fighting, this Supreme Court decision is the first judicial resolution in Spain that recognizes the serious damage that the Spanish justice system inflicted upon Ángela

  • Country: Spain
  • Date: 20/07/2018
Supreme Court of Spain agrees with Ángela González and condemns the Spanish State to compensate her for the murder of her daughterÁngela González holds the Supreme Court decision © Laura Martínez Valero / Women's Link Worldwide

Madrid, July 20, 2018 – The Supreme Court has ordered Spain to compensate Ángela González with 600,000 euros for its responsibility in the death of her 7-year-old daughter Andrea, who was murdered in 2003 by her father during an unsupervised visit ordered by a judge.

In the decision, the Supreme Court recognizes the damage the Spanish justice system inflicted upon Ángela, affirming that “it was caused by the lack of protection that she endured for years, a clear situation of discrimination, both before and after the death of her daughter.”

“After fifteen years, the justice system finally gives me back my dignity. I hope that this Supreme Court ruling will help the justice system never again entrust any of our sons and daughters to an abusive father,” affirms Ángela González.

Additionally, the decision establishes Spain’s obligation to comply with the 2014 decision of the CEDAW Committee that condemned the Spanish State for failing to protect Ángela and her daughter.

Spain has been excusing itself from complying with the CEDAW decision for 4 years, citing the absence of mechanisms that would allow for the application of international rulings, so as to not have to comply with the condemnation of the CEDAW Committee. Now, the Supreme Court overturns this position and indicates that in the absence of a specific channel in the Spanish legal system that obliges compliance with international rulings, the judicial procedure used by Ángela has been adequate to demand compliance.

“This sentence represents a major step forward in protecting the rights of women victims of violence and their children. It is a historic sentence for Ángela because for the first time, a Spanish court agrees with her. It also has a very positive impact on our democracy by recalling that the State has an obligation to comply with international standards and ensure that human rights are respected,” says Gema Fernández, attorney at Women's Link Worldwide.

According to Women's Link, this decision shows that the protection system has to be improved. The organization affirms that the compensation to Ángela is only the first step of a series of measures marked by the CEDAW Committee that the State has yet to comply with in order to improve its response against gender violence.

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