Violence is the most extreme form of gender-based discrimination against women and girls. At Women’s Link, we define violence against women as any act that affects the physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, spiritual, and cultural integrity of women and girls because they are women and girls.

By focusing on violence as a form of discrimination, we are able to raise awareness of the ways in which the use of violence intersects with many other factors, such as poverty, marginalization, membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, migration status, sexual orientation, disability, and age.

With this perspective, we are able to constantly innovate new strategies to achieve recognition for women’s and girls’ rights. We also work closely with other organizations and legal systems, promoting dialogue on sexual and reproductive rights, sexual violence, trafficking in human beings, rights of migrant women, and transitional justice.

We believe that when legal systems protect victims’ rights and provide them with reparations for the damages inflicted, their cases become emblematic. It sends a powerful message to communities and governments about ending impunity, violence, and discrimination.


We work to end impunity for violence against women and girls and a broad range of human rights violations committed against women because of factors including their socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, and immigration status.

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