Women and borders

Women and borders

Migrating and crossing borders is often a dangerous undertaking, particularly for women and children, who may suffer serious forms of violence, both during transit and after reaching their destination country. Migrant women often lack access to necessary sexual and reproductive health services, even when pregnant. They must deal with dangerous trafficking networks and may face multiple forms of violence at the hands of immigration authorities, border patrol agents, other migrants, or even their own travel companions and family members. The violence usually does not cease on arrival in the destination country.

We work for recognition of migrant women’s rights and to eradicate the continuous violence they face. We demand systems that work in practice so all women may have access to justice and effective protection of their rights.

Since 2006, we have documented and reported many cases of human rights violations suffered by women and girls who cross borders and find themselves trapped in trafficking networks, foreign detention centers, and in many cases, societies that refuse to accept them.


We work to ensure that migrant women’s human rights are respected and to raise awareness of the multiple forms of violence and discrimination faced by women and girls who cross borders seeking protection and a better life. We fight to ensure that legal systems guarantee their rights instead of treating them like criminals, regardless of how they cross the border.

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