Women and peacebuilding

Women and peacebuilding

Our work in this area provides a key perspective that is often lacking in processes of investigation, prosecution, and reparation for human rights violations committed in contexts of armed conflict, dictatorship, or abuse of authority. We seek to ensure that violence committed against women because they are women does not go unpunished. Despite growing international interest in incorporating a gender perspective into these contexts, the specific human rights violations committed against women still have not been included in these processes.

Through an analysis that incorporates a gender and intersectional perspective, we investigate whether violations including sexual violence, forced labor, forced domestic servitude, forced recruitment of child soldiers, forced displacement, or violations of sexual and reproductive rights such as forced abortions or sterilizations have occurred in a particular context.

During our over ten years of experience in this field, we have successfully implemented innovative strategies that have allowed us to incorporate a gender perspective into cases that were already underway, including the genocide trial in Guatemala and the case of gender crimes committed under the Franco dictatorship that is currently underway in Argentina.

At Women’s Link, we work to make sure all processes of transitional justice apply the important decisions on gender justice issues issued by international courts and the domestic courts of many countries, including Argentina, Guatemala, and Colombia, that have marked major advances in the fight against impunity and for reparations.


We work to ensure that crimes committed against women and girls in contexts of peacebuilding do not go unpunished and to guarantee the right to reconstruction of historical truth. We analyze the differential impact of violence on women during wartime, under dictatorships, and in contexts of oppression in order to get legal systems to incorporate a gender perspective.

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