Women’s Link Worldwide is an international nonprofit organization that uses the power of the law to promote social change that advances the human rights of women and girls, especially those facing multiple inequalities.


    To achieve our mission:

    • We bring a gender perspective and an intersectional analysis to human rights law. 
    • We go beyond the courtroom and use our work in litigation and other legal processes to strengthen the human rights infrastructure, create public debate, and contribute to social movements that can transform society and guarantee women’s and girls’ rights.

    Women’s Link Worldwide is an international nonprofit organization with regional offices in Latin America and Europe, and expanding partnerships across East Africa. 

    Since we opened our doors in 2001, Women's Link Worldwide has been successfully advocating and litigating for new standards to advance the human rights of women and girls. We have become known for opening new frontiers, developing legal theories and strategies, particularly those that bring attention to women’s rights violations that are undocumented or neglected. We work tirelessly to ensure that, ultimately, any advances made on paper translate into a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

    We work across borders, building partnerships and alliances with advocates from all over the world. We study the terrain, design strategies, write legal briefs, and stand before the judiciary in national, regional and international courts. We represent our clients, we mentor, we train, we promote professional exchanges, and offer practical tools. 

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