• Fareda Banda

    Fareda Banda

    Professor of Law, specialising in African Laws and member of the Centre for Gender Studies at the University of London

    United Kingdom

  • Oscar A. Cabrera

    Oscar A. Cabrera

    Executive Director of the O‘Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law and a Visiting Professor of Law at Georgetown University

    United States

  • Rebecca J. Cook

    Rebecca J. Cook

    Co-Director of the International Program on Reproductive and Sexual Health Law and Professor of Law at the University of Toronto


  • Celima Gallego Alonso

    Celima Gallego Alonso

    Former Member of the General Council of the Judiciary and Judge


  • Rudolf Hommes

    Rudolf Hommes

    Economist and former Minister of Finance and Public Credit


  • Julie F. Kay

    Human Rights Attorney

    United States

  • Manuel Ollé Sesé

    Manuel Ollé Sesé

    Lawyer and Professor in Criminal Law at the University Complutense


  • Susan Osnos

    Susan Osnos

    Consultant to domestic and international human rights organizations

    United States

  • Rona Peligal

    Rona Peligal

    Vice President for Development and Communications at Fund for Global Human Rights

    United States

  • Antonia E. Stolper

    Antonia E. Stolper

    Partner at Shearman&Sterling LLP

    United States

  • Adam Weiss

    Adam Weiss

    Legal Director at the European Roma Rights Centre

    United Kingdom | Hungary

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