Women’s Link Worldwide believes that social change through the courts can only be achieved and sustained if the recognition of human rights transcends the courtroom walls and engages civil society organizations, other branches of government, and the public.

Through over a decade of hands-on experience and analysis, we have developed a comprehensive model for promoting and protecting the human rights of women and girls, continuously incorporating new lessons from all over the world.




    Examining the existing rights framework

    Before each initiative, Women’s Link Worldwide examines existing laws to determine how we can leverage the rights framework to create change. Our expertise in comparative law enables us to monitor and develop legal standards based on the most effective arguments and strategies available worldwide.

    Creating and promoting progressive legal innovations

    We work to build upon and amplify human rights standards. We successfully litigate for the rights of women and girls by utilizing international human rights principles in national contexts. We then strengthen the resulting legal precedents, leveraging them in other national, regional and international bodies.




    Women’s Link Worldwide fosters ongoing public debate about our areas of concern and engages diverse constituencies, from the media, to funders, civil society leaders, medical experts and other professionals in relevant fields, and governmental bodies. Our goal is to continuously improve conditions that advance the larger cause, so even when a legal victory may prove elusive at a particular time, the movement will be stronger and the public will be better informed.


    Engaging a judiciary committed to human rights

    Women’s Link Worldwide routinely works with judges and legal professionals to build knowledge of positive case law benefitting women and girls. By designing training sessions, facilitating exchanges and creating teaching tools and materials, we promote a judicial dialogue on how the law can be used to overcome gender discrimination and ensure justice for all.


    Strengthening the capacity of advocates to use the law to create social change

    Women’s Link Worldwide establishes partnerships, offers technical assistance, and mentors other advocates. We work with our colleagues to articulate social problems within a human rights framework, bring these cases to the courts, and conduct outreach and advocacy.

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